ii Prefer my $h!t Vintage

Sometimes its not what you say... but merely how you say it

Bar Refaeli

Chris Parks

Sculptures by Markus Hofer


ii Hate new $H!t

One of many Dope Thrift Stores
This one is Located in Little Rock, AR
Click Here - Evolve 

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

Your gonna catch a cold...from the ice inside your soul Beautiful songwriting

Great Video...shoutouts to Jay Martin

THis shit SMASH

ii think i ripped my shirt dancin to this shit


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Dope Quotes

"Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn."
-Clark Gable as Rhett Butler 

The Dark Side of a Man's Nature

Cologne inspired by the Dark Literature of Profound Writers. Vintage old glass Perfume body styles with the classic shape of inkwells. The heads were inspired by accomplishments of each Writers Career


Today i was doing some research on different musicians during the 60's. Found some Dope Vintage shit for yall to check out.

ii miss the good shit

Jessica Gomez Sexy Ass