Song of the Day

This is Jack Davey. The only real way to describe her is. Once upon a time Erykah Badu had an Orgasm, and J Davey became. #Enjoy

Summer is here Ladies...Impress Me

Tribtoo Pumps

795 $
Sooo yeah. Yves Saint Laurent is one of my Fav Designers and This shoe is my pick of the month. With a Pricetag like this you gotta play the outfit smart and CHEAP. ~Sexy & Versatile~ On a Conservative Day you can go real simple. White blouse, black Pencil Skirt...especially for those chipped toe nail polish days. Get them toes done Bitch ! Or if your a Female in my league U'd have enough balls to freak em on the weekend with a Vintage Leather Jacket and a strapless Dress with a Dope Print...

Like So...Complements to Ayla Brunhilde V


Some Dark Shit

Ok so we all know by now that I'm Lame as fuck. One of my many tastes... I like dark shit. Vampires, Werewolves, yada yada. Enjoy this collection of clips from an Old Classic An American Werewolf in Paris.The song in the background is "Mouth" by Bush. #Enjoy


The Original LAME himself

The Greatest Scene from The Best Movie Ever Made


My Fav Minaj Flix

You see the Swank, dont front

Song of the Day - Nicolay- Lose Your Way

Listen & Reflect on the Journal Entry Below

Todays Journal Entry

Sometimes I lie and admit I did something I didn't do. Just to see how you'd treat me, you changed drastically...
Over a Fucking mistake
Love is nothing but Hate when the sun sets
...of course they love you when its pretty
 - So Let them Hate you,

-"Marked by Pain" said the Lame


Can you Loke 1.1

 A Cool just Wouldn't Get it


Android Homme- Oreo Ferraris !!!

Must Cop These Jawns
For The Record*
(Oreo Ferrari's is my phrasing)
These shoes are by Android Homme

Check out this Lame !!! - Reggie Watts

This shit is Dope


Artistic Fuse

In 2004 Danger Mouse (one half of Gnarls Barkley) Created a Mashup of Instrumentals from The Beatles LP (The White Album) & A Capella Version of Jay-Z's (The Black Album) 
 Therefore giving Birth to this...
Give your Ears Something Different for a Change
Click Below to Download

Reinventing the Footwear Silhouette - Darin Hager

Heyday Footwear. I can Fux wit Em

Sick Vicious Wickedry - Radii Footwear

The scariest part about this third picture is....If you know me, I dress like this every fukin day. All black, Shades on, Grey Thermal smudged up round my elbows, with some fly ass Ferrari's on my feet & yes the occasional Cigarette. Dont Judge me Hoe ! 

Keep Killin em Radii Footwear~Southern Cal Stand Up !~

Some Dope* by Billy Reid


Southern Swank at its Finest....Billy Reid

Billy Reid is a Visionary. Smooth Southern Hospitality  poured on the rocks. Drinking what he has to offer straight will have you loaded off your ass. GQ has named him 2010 Best New Menswear Designer in America. Yeah I said it ...AMERICA ! Not Italy, Not France, but Amite, Louisiana. In 2004 He launched his Line "Billy Reid" with Locations in  Nashville, Charleston, Charlotte, Dallas, and Houston and very recently the 6th in New York. All of his Hard work the past 6 years has earned him the Upcoming September Cover Issue of GQ Magazine 2010. I visited his Store Yesterday in The Houston Galleria and from the Door I was in awe of his immaculate taste complimented with a deep Southern Vibe.

The Clothing is broken in yet refreshing. I firmly believe that it is Impossible to wear any of his pieces and not have a glass of Brandy or whiskey in your hands. The store swayed melodically with old Vinyl Blues. Good Clothes, Good Music, and Damn good Candy at the Counter. I'm Sold. The only thing that was missing was an old Jar of MeMa's Homemade Lemonade.  Bravo Billy Reid, I walked amongst your store in Silence, nodding my head every step of the  way scratching at these broke pockets of mine. One O these Days I WILL RETURN !


The Greatest Quote ever on May 25th

"Are we Really Going to the Book Signing with the Author's Child ?" -Unknown

Most of you will Never know what this means...But just know that it is a brief Diamond in Current World History... Moment of Silence


Yung Khalifa -The Kid Frankie

Love this Joint...Pun Intended haaaaaa ! You can guarantee that you will get to hear me Grace this track on The LameTape Mixtape ~Coming Soon~ Shit after all it is Called Kid Frankie. Why wouldnt I Wreck it ?!?

Can you Loke ? 1.0

A Cool Just wouldn't understand

Dope Shit from Apparat. This was from a movie called OCTANE. Never seen but after watching this video...might have to blaze up NetFlix and see whats Poppington !

She Can Get It ...Forizneal !

The New Miss HAITI 2010 is a Cold Tonie to say the least, and of course she was contestant #7 Long Live the Lame !

Dont Sleep on Her

Speaking of Kelis, Remember this BANGER !!? 

This joint came out in 2007 and it still Smashes. Shoutouts to The Neptunes on that Track. Forizneal

Kelis - Acapella (Benny Benassi Remix)

Kelis makes the Cut in 2010 For this record...But of course The Great Benny Benassi (Left) got to it and made it something extra special


Super Mario Galaxy 2

Probably wont buy it, but to see how far Technology has brought Mario is Scary. Im going to wake up one morning and Mario 's gonna be in my living room playing Madden talking shit. I wonder if He has any new Moves that might help BP fix this Fucking OIL SPILL !  HOW BOUT U WORK ON THAT TECHNOLOGY ...BAP !

Night Cap (Photo 1)

So...in the south we "Po Up". Me personally, I like to save the hard liquor for when the Tonies wanna rendezvous. During the week while your working, keep it mellow. My night  full of paperwork for my new Publishing Company called for a nice glass of Riesling ...or 2


Alicia Keys - Un-thinkable (Literally)

Sadly Mainstream Music has not impressed me much in 2010. My first awe of silence goes to Alicia Keys. This Record is on time and very Alive. With a great song must come a great Video. Shoutouts to Director Jake Nava (Left)  for giving us a much needed wake up call. If you don't know who this man is you should ask yourself ... Are you really a Fan of Beyonce's Dopest Videos ?

Pushing The Bar or Fumbling over it ?

Uncle Ruckus, Coonery at its Finest...or Anti-Coonery ? Either way, tonight's episode of "Jimmy Rebel" gave me a (Racist Gay Vibe) If i ever feel that way again, I will wash my nuts 3 times with Bleach the very instant. That is all  ... LameOut


Studio Session - Come Get on Me

LameOn ! In the Studio workin on my First Single 'Come Get on Me"

Sleepy (Directors Cut Teaser)

Blogging has now been officially added to my daily Life. What Better way to start than with my first little Tease. Enjoy !