Morning Good

Crumb Cake, herbal Tea, journal and the paper. carpe  that fucking diem


Rice bag for my journals, Gucci bag for my jeans


Take Notes From the Gent himself | Michael Andrew

A Leading Style Icon of The New School . Currently Located in New York


Dont Fuck wit him

A man in a kilt... Is prepared to defend that kilt


Shit Girls Say | Classic

White Girl Version

Black Girl Version

Holiday Treats

Pumpkin Spice Latte, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin, Cop'd that Charlie Brown Christmas Cd/dvd as well

Karmin - Crash Your Party (Official)

But Karmin takes the Crown...She is going to rise above all these wanna be's. Her voice is strong and amazing. her Charisma is fresh and it just works so well.

Iggy Azalea > Kreayshawn

If we gotta have an ignorant white chyq in the Rap Game...give us a good one....Here she is


Our History



Romance me |

Trance Me |

 ii wont care
if you lie 

| after im Hypnotized


The Digital presence is strictly ethereal.
 that which contains Blissful nature
nonchalant celestial commentary. 
On occasion,
 toes get stepped on.
 shouldn't come to War without your shoes...

                             -A Ferone

Read sumn

Research is a must

Dope bike

Nice city cruiser... Leather jacket, palladium boots, dirty white shirt, G Star jeans... Matte black helmet, can you see me ?


I was told her great grandmother handmade the skirt

Fela Kuti

There is a Play coming to LA about this Man. Will Smith & Jay-Z produced it. My review coming soon





The Sunday Market

Fairfax & Melrose


Great minds think alike

Convo and scotch whiskey with one of my designer colleagues. Discussing the evolution of trends and fashions inevitable rotation around the past,  fused with the future.  The 1930's on some 2012 shit.

C'est bon



A dove received some blue irises from a crow

Damn Homie

He's gonna need a Ice pack when he wakes up.

Exactly !

What else needs to be said ...?

What a day

Blue screen work on the Set of MIB 3....


I visited a modern art museum recently in Culver City. pretty dope. Their gonna have a wine tasting soon. I'll be there early


Peep the swank

No this is not christmas/ December (ish) attire, but when your booked as an extra for Men in Black 3... Coming soon May 2012. When the setting is set to be  midsummer upstate new york, Business Man causal... The outfit must give life to the man. Too the character, to the  Let him forth ! Oh yeah... And if you aint know, soft pinks and minty colors are going to smash the avenues in 2012. This outfit makes me we wanna do the twist ! Apply with no socks ... let the ankles Breath ! after all the pants are Linen

Vintage wheels

So freaking dope, walked past her headed to the homie's crib nd she was sitn so pretty.

Another heart torn

...but was it his or hers ?

It's cold

Ninja mode ! !

Random Lame

It looks like ii bust my lip. Mama used to say " If you get ya ass wooped at school, Don't come home !" Paha


Beautiful Sunday

I'm learning to enjoy my life. To worry is to digress. I'm worried about progress. Too perfect my less. That begins with letting go, to replace your old to make room for your best

Want to be Trendy... ?

Tuck your jeans into some thick socks...then put on your boots. It's a unisex trend. So guys and girls can do it, And it's dope cuz ii told you so !