Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” Video: Pop Star, Interrupted

ok ok ok, I'd be foolish to lie to you...so ima be honest. Trying to deny what GaGa is and does wold be the utmost denial of Talent and Creativity. We love to shun off what we do not understand, but explain to me the importance of Understanding ? Even Faith requires us to understand less and trust more in the eye of the Creator. True Artistry is separation. All ii can say is this video is Flawless. Wasting your time pointing out what you do not like gives more power to the overall completion of such a masterpiece. Artist have already excepted the fact that you will judge and poiint out flaws before they perform. So ask yourself...why do you care more than Gaga does ? As you can see, She's BEEN GONE , and has no plan on returning. I dont want her to return to normality. Then she would become the masses. We need more individuals. Im learning how to care less and express more myself.