Southern Swank at its Finest....Billy Reid

Billy Reid is a Visionary. Smooth Southern Hospitality  poured on the rocks. Drinking what he has to offer straight will have you loaded off your ass. GQ has named him 2010 Best New Menswear Designer in America. Yeah I said it ...AMERICA ! Not Italy, Not France, but Amite, Louisiana. In 2004 He launched his Line "Billy Reid" with Locations in  Nashville, Charleston, Charlotte, Dallas, and Houston and very recently the 6th in New York. All of his Hard work the past 6 years has earned him the Upcoming September Cover Issue of GQ Magazine 2010. I visited his Store Yesterday in The Houston Galleria and from the Door I was in awe of his immaculate taste complimented with a deep Southern Vibe.

The Clothing is broken in yet refreshing. I firmly believe that it is Impossible to wear any of his pieces and not have a glass of Brandy or whiskey in your hands. The store swayed melodically with old Vinyl Blues. Good Clothes, Good Music, and Damn good Candy at the Counter. I'm Sold. The only thing that was missing was an old Jar of MeMa's Homemade Lemonade.  Bravo Billy Reid, I walked amongst your store in Silence, nodding my head every step of the  way scratching at these broke pockets of mine. One O these Days I WILL RETURN !